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Releasing Resistance

Dissolving Blockages to Allow Your Heart's Desires

One of the greatest hindrances in working with the Law of Attraction is a little thing called RESISTANCE.

At its core, resistance is nothing more than negative thoughts that trigger corresponding negative emotions. As simple as that explanation may be, overcoming the problems it can cause is a little more complex.

Before we delve into those problems further, it may be helpful to first explore what the "Law of Attraction" is, and exactly how it works.

The Law of Attraction is often described as one of the governing spiritual laws of our universe, and the function of this law is to create our outer perception of reality according to the content of our thoughts.

In other words, what you think about and focus on most often, you attract.

A simple example might be a positive person who naturally attracts mostly positive experiences, while a negative person would naturally attract more problems and situations of a negative nature.

The thoughts you think act as a broadcast "signal" that tells the universe what you would like to experience - even if you are focusing on things that you would definitely like to avoid experiencing!

When you focus on something repetitively, you start attracting more of its essence back into your life - whether that thing is of a positive or negative nature.

Understanding how this law works is a great thing because it gives you the power to deliberately attract better life experiences, just by changing the way you think.  Many cultures throughout history and around the world have benefited greatly from applying this knowledge.


How to Deliberately Use the Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction deliberately is as easy as creating a habit of thinking about things that make you feel good more often than you think about things that upset you.

That's where techniques like visualization, meditation, affirmations and the like come in very handy. With regular use, they help you to stop focusing on the negative stuff and spend more time focusing on the positive stuff - which helps you attract more of that positive stuff.

But some people experience limited results from their efforts, and can't figure out why.

They may see little bits of improvement here and there, but can't quite reach the level of success they really desire, whether that success is related to their career, finances, relationships, physical well-being, or other subjects.

What goes wrong in these cases?

More often than not, it's that pesky condition of resistance.


What is Resistance, and How Can I Release It?

As I mentioned a few moments ago, resistance is caused by negative thoughts, which triggers negative emotions. The reason this affects your results with the Law of Attraction so powerfully is because the Law of Attraction can only deliver situations and experiences that MATCH your dominant focus.

If you have a bunch of resistance clogging up your energetic "signal", you are essentially telling the universe, "Please send me more of this aggravation." (Or despair, or anger, or frustration, or sadness - whatever you are actively focused upon.)

So, picture this:

You spend 30 minutes a day visualizing the amazing new life experiences you wish to attract. You imagine meeting the love of your life, getting a fantastic new job, making tons of money, regaining your gorgeous figure, and so on. During those 30 minutes each day, you are doing great! Your energetic "signal" to the universe is broadcasting exactly what you want, and you do indeed begin drawing it forth.

However, if you spend the rest of each day feeling stressed by your current job, feeling annoyed that you haven't yet met Mr. or Ms. Right, feeling fearful about not having enough money, and so on -- you CANNOT allow those things into your life!

Your very focus on lack and struggle makes you INCOMPATIBLE with the things you are trying to attract.

That doesn't mean you can't make any progress toward your ultimate goals, but any progress you do make will likely be slow and sporadic.

Obviously, since you are trying to use the Law of Attraction more purposefully, you don't want that!


How to Tell if You Have Resistance

The great thing about resistance is that it's usually pretty obvious: it makes you feel rotten!

But there are definite levels of feeling rotten. Sometimes you might feel just a wee bit "off", like you're just not yourself, while other times you might be unbearably stressed, unhappy or overwhelmed. These are all shades of resistance, in one form or another.

Another sign of resistance is that nothing outside of you seems to go right. Despite doing your best to focus on the great things you want to attract, there is very little movement and progress to be seen.

Even if you occasionally see results, you will still keep bouncing back to an invisible "set point" on certain subjects, like money, relationships, your health, and so on.

If you have been consistently working on any of these areas but can't seem to get anywhere, the culprit is likely resistance.


Releasing Resistance to Allow Your Heart's Desires

So, how on earth can you release this resistance and finally make better progress?

What if I told you that there were many easy, fast, efficient ways to dissolve the resistance that is blocking your goodness from arriving?

It's true! Once you learn to recognize the feeling of resistance, and once you know how to release it, you will be spending more and more of your time focused purely on those amazing life experiences you wish to attract, and they can manifest much more quickly and easily!

It's not a magic overnight fix - there is still a bit of effort required, but you'll find that it does not have to be hard, either.

The truth is, resistance is a normal part of life. Not one of us is immune to resistance. We all have it to some degree.

But many of us have formed a strong HABIT of allowing ourselves to be loaded down with resistance and it is wreaking absolute havoc in our lives. It is keeping us stuck and unhappy while other people keep moving forward effortlessly - or it seems effortless, anyway.

What you will come to realize soon is that these people know the secret to naturally releasing resistance so that their desires can manifest with little delay. Maybe they just instinctively know how to release their resistance, or maybe through trial and error they figured it out.

Unfortunately, that doesn't describe the vast majority of the population.

Releasing ResistanceIf you suspect that you may be struggling with resistance and you're ready to learn how to release it, you will benefit greatly from our newest downloadable e-guide, "Unblocking Your Goodness - Releasing Resistance to Allow Your Heart's Desires".

This lifechanging guide offers 11 easy exercises that are guaranteed to help shift you from a state of resistance, into a state of absolute, blissful allowance.

No longer will you be resisting the manifestation of your heart's desires - you will be wide open to receive them with perfect timing!

These exercises are geared to help you:

  • Effortlessly tune into the essence of what you are trying to attract.

  • Turn over any situation to the universe to be transformed in the quickest, easiest ways possible.

  • Discipline your dominant focus so that you naturally focus more on goodness and abundance.

  • Get clear about WHY you want your chosen desires - and supercharge your ability to attract them!

  • Detach from irritation and obstacles and hold a genuine focus on happiness, no matter what.

  • Use the power of appreciation and gratitude to ease your feelings of dissatisfaction.

  • Effortlessly tune into your "new reality" and start drawing it forth in living color!

  • Create new "TRUTHS" in every area of your life - and change your powerful perceptions as a result.

  • Develop an easy, relaxed focus on your desired outcome(s) - any time, any place!

  • Feel better about situations that previously used to upset you, annoy you or depress you.

  • Stay focused on consistently expanding and becoming more than you are now.

  • Let go and TRUST the universe to handle your manifestations, without a shred of doubt or fear.

Learning to recognize and release resistance is absolutely one of the easiest aspects of manifestation - but if you've had no experience with it before it can be overwhelming.

This guide will walk you through the process step by step and empower you with the awareness to know whether you are allowing or resisting your desires in every moment.

Best of all, since this is an electronic guide (PDF format, so it can be viewed on both PCs and Macs), you can be reading it within minutes from now!

Releasing Resistance Meditation MP3 Also Included!

This 10-minute meditation uses soothing music and guided imagery to EASE you into a non-resistant state of mind! Listen once daily to release heavy emotional burdens and shift your thoughts back to an open state of allowing everything good you want.

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Releasing Resistance

Learning how to recognize and release resistance is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your manifestation practice!  If you don't learn how to release resistance and actively work on doing so, you will forever keep blocking the things you are trying to attract.

Imagine that you are a pipe, and the wonderful things you are trying to attract are like a flow of refreshing, crystal clear water.  Resistance is the sludge that blocks your pipe so no water can flow through it.  You can try to increase the flow of abundance, love, joy, and everything else you want - but it CANNOT flow through because your pipe is blocked!

This guide provides the tools you need to open your pipe WIDE and allow goodness in all forms to flow to you - easily and quickly.

If you suspect that resistance is a problem for you, don't delay!  Get this guide, start doing the exercises daily, and be amazed at how easy it becomes to attract better and better circumstances in every area of your life.

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